Gina Sanders

Manufacturer of bolts, special screws, rivets, axles, tactile paving studs, special parts made to drawing, and more.

Our know-how and quality of production, validated by our ISO 9001:2008 certification, serve many companies engaged in business sectors such as:

• Electricity, electronics
(semi-tubular rivets, copper screws, copper rivets, brass rivets…)
• Home appliances(semi-tubular rivets, sheet metal screws…)
• Kitchenware(stainless steel solid rivets…)
• Cutlery(aluminium solid or semi-tubular rivets…)
• Building hardware(hinge bodies, hinge pins…)
• Building and civil engineering(pins for form panels, tactile paving studs…)
• Marine(stainless steel drilled pins for marine fittings and hardware…)
• Wind turbines(stainless steel bolts…)
• Heavy trucks(metal rivets, pins for side panel mechanisms…)
• Automobile(pre-holding pins, special screws, shoulder pins…)
• Railway(stainless steel drilled pins, copper rivets…)
• Bicycles(copper rivets…)
• Aviation(aluminium rivets, hammer drive rivets (type U), tubular rivets…)
• Chemistry(stainless steel special screws, stainless steel shoulder pins, brass screws…)
• Petrochemistry(anodised aluminium screws and nuts…)
• Distributors, retailers(special screws, brass rivets, parts made to drawings…)
• Etc. 


With our fleet of cold heading and reworking machines, our integrated tool manufacturing line and a huge stock of raw materials (steel C4C, C10C, 35B2, 19MnB4, 42CD4, copper CuA1, brass CuZn37, aluminium 1050A, 5754, 5019, stainless steel 304Cu, 316Cu, 430, 304L, 316L, etc.), we are able to meet your expectations rapidly, from prototyping to large series.

Our Design Department will provide you with technical advice and preliminary studies to help you define and optimise your requirements in terms of riveting, bolting or parts for mechanisms. As a result, we can improve the industrial manufacturing phase of your products and reduce the manufacturing time and the costs related to prototyping, preproduction and series production.

Our factory is based in the French Ardennes, near to the Belgian border, and we export our production towards Europe and other regions in the world.

Our dynamic team will be pleased to meet your expectations.

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