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Manufacture and sale of nail (pin) podotactile

Nails or tactile pads are used in the ground marking devices intended to arouse the vigilance of the blind and visually impaired when travelling. Their role is through the realization of enlightenment strips, grained approach a hazardous area (quayside, floor, stairs,…). We offer a range of nails to seal screw or glue for the supports can be drilled (concrete slab, tile naturelle stone, metal, …) or not (on indoor flooring…).

clou podotactile 2
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clou podotactile 4

clou podotactile 5

Head :

Meets NFP98351 standard of August 2010 :

  • Shape : shaped drome, a single radius of curvature
  • Diameter : 25+/1mm
  • Height : 5 0/+0.5mm
  • Specifications : above head with or without streaks of various shapes, as per customer request, they have a non-slip role.
  • Deputy head marked streaks to increase the grip of the glue for versions without stems.

Upper :

La Frappe Ardennaise offers a standard model with threaded rod M10x12. The 12mm rod length can be changed, by special order, 9mm to 130mm.
The rod may also be totally or partially unthreaded. Other forms of anchoring are etudiables.

Material :

316LCu stainless steel (stainless steel A4 or 1.4578) or brass CuZn37 CuA1. Other material on request :

  • Good corrosion resistance including air pollution, the marine environment, snow salt, …
  • Stainless steel has good resistance to wear by abrasion and shocks.
  • No discoloration caused by wear (natural color of each metal)

Application Instructions :

  • For bonding on surfaces for versions without rods
  • Chemical Grouting in stone or concrete
  • Of rivet nut welding on sheet metal

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